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Soft Milk and White Chocolate Chip Cookies

10 Aug

Soft Milk and White Chocolate Cookies

This great photo was sent to Bee’s Bakery from one of our fans! Thank you so much for sending us your photos, these homemade cookies look amazing!

Check out our Soft Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe. Extra ingredients were added to this fan’s recipe, milk and white chocolate chips and Galaxy Minstrels… we recommend Aldi’s Choceur Mysticals as an affordable substitute! These cookies look great keep sending us your photos, happy baking



Egg substitutes

3 Aug

This is a great article for any baking enthusiast who wishes to substitute egg with another ingredient when following our recipes. You may wishes to substitute egg for a number of reasons, whether it is because of personal taste or dietary requirement. If you require any more information on this subject don’t hesitate to get in touch!


No Naughties


Eggs are commonly used in baking, so what do you do if you’re a vegan, allergic to egg or don’t want to use it for some other reason?

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Mario Piranha Cookie Pops

26 Jul

This is a great video by Nerdy Nummies. We absolutely love Rosanna’s creative techniques. Check out this video to learn how to make amazing Super Mario Piranha Cookie Pops… perfect for any occasion!



Pikachu French Macaroons

13 Jul

This is a great video about how to make Pikachu Macaroons that look absolutely delicious, check it out!


Welcome to Bee’s Homemade Bakery Blog

12 Jun


We are excited to get you at home involved in what we love most… homemade treats and good things to eat. Over the coming weeks we invite you to enjoy our stress free baking with a series of homemade recipes each week accompanied by the latest news from the baking world. So as we begin our online journey into ‘all things nice’, why not join us by trying our recipes, getting in touch and getting involved.


Why not visit our website BeesBakery.info or follow us on twitter @BeesBakery.



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